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A single mother like me has to be prepared for the many financial problems that she will encounter because of the lack of a husband who could help her. Thus, Bennettsville car title loans have become part of my life. What I mean is that whenever I do not have enough funds to pay for the bills, I often turn to an auto title loan because it is simple to apply and it is fast. For example, three weeks ago, I had to buy a new microwave oven but payday was still more than a week way.

It’s not that I do not have any friends. I have a lot of friends here in Bennettsville and in other places like Cheraw, Hartsville, Bishopville, Dalzell, Camden, Darlington, Quinby, and Florence. It’s just that the economy has not been doing very well. I tried to borrow some money from them three weeks ago but almost everyone was having a hard time because of the rise in unemployment. And getting a loan from the bank was not an option for me because of my poor credit record. I learned about title loans about a year ago and I was quite satisfied with the service that I got.

Thus, three weeks ago, I simply went to the website of the title loan company serving Bennettsville and submitted my online application. After some time elapsed, they informed me that I could get my check the same day. So I drove to their office to present a number of documents and when they were satisfied, they gave me my check.

Hilda O.
Bennettsville, South Carolina 29512

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